"Proceeding Differently"

Lane Environmental a division of Lane Services LLC, a Small Woman Owned business is proceeding differently in the service industry offering professional and creative waste stream solutions.

Lane Services began as a small business in 2013 initially doing business as Best Portables, a local portable toilet service provider.

In 2015 Lane Environmental became our primary brand offering creative waste stream solutions through effective management and proven experience to our military installations, municipalities, local communities, businesses and contractors.

Waste management is considered to be all activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. This includes amongst other things, the collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste in all forms, together with the monitoring and mandated regulation involved.

The term usually relates to all kinds of waste, whether generated during the extraction of raw materials, the processing of raw materials, the consumption of final products, or other human activities, including municipal, and agricultural. Waste management is intended to reduce adverse effects of waste on health and the environment.

Lane Environmental Leadership & Staff – A Robust Team

“We know what to do, and how to do it. Because we have done it for years”

StaffLane Environmental is fixed upon a strong and seasoned management foundation with relevant experience. At the side of the founder and CEO, is a confident team of skilled members with proven track records for excellent customer service and contract management in the Waste Management Industry.

Our diverse team of dedicated specialist; Project Managers, Supervisors, Service technicians and Drivers are continually trained and certified in areas of safety, personal and environmental protection as well as advancements and changes in the industry. Each are an important part in providing our customers a unique service experience and pushes Lane Environmental upward as one of the most reliable and innovative, Woman Owned Waste Management Companies in today’s markets.

Lane Environmental Leadership

chelleneFounder and CEO, Chellene Lane originally from Michigan, relocated to Alabama in 2011 from Tennessee. With a background in Business and Project Management and years of valuable experience in the waste industry, she confidently propels her company forward in what is considered a male dominated industry.

With over 25 years of experience predominantly in the service industry and government service contract management venue, Mrs. Lane firmly believes that “ the quality of service provided to the end user, to be the determining value of a business and its success”. Her foundation for success is built on innovative thinking and leadership specifically geared toward emerging markets and developments in technology related to her business. A primary focus is the relationship between her company and the customer she serves, as well as the reputation it builds. She has dedicated her career toward development of customized services that meet particular needs and requirements, in a cost effective and efficient manner.

As a strong advocate for the preservation of the environment, her work has allowed the opportunity to introduce and foster a variety of initiatives that enrich the communities she serves. In addition to the several certifications and licensees she holds pertaining to her areas of expertise, she has been awarded various recognition’s for her community involvement and innovation. She strongly believes that by working in conjunction with community leadership and government organizations to improve standards, educate children and create public awareness of steps, if taken, can help preserve the earth for the future.

Recycle-logoWaste management practices are not uniform or consistent among communities, states or countries and there are a number of concepts about waste management which vary between service providers. Lane Environmental focuses the management of waste in accordance to the Waste hierarchy. The “3 Rs” reduce, reuse and recycle, which classify waste management strategies according to their desirability in terms of waste minimization. Our Goal is to extract the maximum practical benefits from products and to generate the minimum amount of waste possible. We will do everything in our control to assure all materials collected are recycled, reused and offer any solutions for reduction that can be recommended to its customers.